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Winhall Market Welcomes Carnegie Deli Products 

The new owners of Winhall Market are very happy to announce that they are the first (and only) licensee of Carnegie Deli products in Vermont!  

Starting Christmas week (2021), the Market will have New York’s beloved corned beef and pastrami sandwiches available from the deli, as well as a selection of their other famous products on the retail shelves. (A complete list of Carnegie Deli products now available is below.) 

Originally located just offstage from Manhattan’s theater district, The Carnegie Deli became THE iconic spot for entertainers, celebrities, and comics to eat sandwiches the size of their heads. USA Today has called it “The world’s most famous delicatessen.” Now you can devour their delicious sandwiches, hot dogs, and cheesecakes at home or in your Stratton-area rental.  

In The Deli:

In addition to Winhall’s current sandwich lineup, we now offer Carnegie’s classic sliced pastrami as well as corned beef, served on their own seeded rye bread, with signature spicy brown mustard and a classic Carnegie Deli sour pickle. Sandwiches are available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.  

We also have Carnegie’s corned beef and pastrami for sale sliced by the pound to take home. 

In Retail:

Pick up any of these great Carnegie Deli items to enjoy at home: 

  • Pastrami: This is the recipe that made the Carnegie Deli famous! 
  • Corned Beef: Carnegie’s brisket is cured then simmered long and slow until it is juicy, succulent, and tender.  
  • All Beef Hotdogs: These gargantuan nine-inch franks are juicy, jam-packed with flavor, and have that signature snap. 
  • Sour Pickles: No Carnegie Deli sandwich is complete without one.
  • Dusseldorf Mustard: Strong and spicy, this is the perfect complement to Carnegie’s sliced meats.
  • Black and White Cookies: The original, often imitated - this cookie is the real deal.
  • Cheesecakes: This velvety classic is steeped in New York tradition, atop a perfect cookie dough crust. Available in full size and mini size.


corned beef sandwich
black and white cookies